TITLE Boxing Club offers explosive total body boxing and kickboxing workouts. Called the POWER HOUR, these group fitness classes capitalize on the training of professional boxers, kick-boxers and mixed martial artists. Plus, each Club features authentic Title Boxing equipment, including heavy bag stations, Title boxing ring, speed bags and double end bags, plus free weights and cardiovascular machines.

TITLE Boxing Club provides premier weight loss and fitness club to people of all fitness levels. Results are guaranteed because all our trainers pledge and commit to your success!

  • Kevin_Plumage Kevin Plumage - Kevin graduated from the University of Montana with a BS in Health and Human Performance.  He is a TITLE certified […]
  • Jordan_Hinshaw Jordan Hinshaw - Jordan was born in Missoula, MT but grew up in Polson, MT.  Jordan is a student at the University of […]
  • Ame_Holley Ame Holley - Ame is a dancer, dreamer and self-proclaimed wild woman. She is a trainer and lover of TITLE Boxing Club. When […]
  • Missoula_Rachel_Plumage_trainer Rachel Plumage – Fitness Trainer - I’m originally from S. California. Have lived in Missoula 28 years though, so feel I am from here now. I […]