Boxing Workout

Total body boxing workouts* will have you boxing like a pro. Step into the boxing heavy bag station and get ready for a workout that will prepare you to fight for your fitness.

  • The first 15—Your fifteen minute warm up will get your blood pumping with a complete range of exercises including stretching, jogging, calisthenics, jumping, lunging and squats. You will get ready to hit the bag.
  • 30 minutes on the bag—The bulk of your workout is set up in three minute rounds that include basic boxing combinations followed by a one minute “active rest.” This gives you a break, while keeping your heart rate up.
  • The last 15—You’ll use workout gear and body resistance to strengthen your core and sculpt your body. Cool down with floor work and toning exercises.

You choose how hard or light you hit this boxing workout. Either way, you will burn a great deal of calories and have fun.

*Requires hand wraps and gloves.